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You want Real Splatter Feeling in a real Adventure and 3D Grafix ?

What U need is Resident Evil for Sony PSX and Win 95 !

look for it at :

Resident Evil is a trademark of : Capcom !

The PC Version is published by : Virgin

Klick down here for my Options

Chris out of Ammo Hint - Galery and Computer Passworts

Save Games

Last 10 Min of Jill PC - Last 10 Min of Chris PC - Jill with Special Key PC - Chris with Special Key PC

If U completed Resident Evil and You are the fastest then you get an Special Key and your Charckter

completly can change his / her Outfit ! Just find the Special Room !!!

for those who can´t wait just download the Savegame from above


For the Sony Playstation a "Uncut" Version of Resident Evil will come

check it out at : Capcom

Also there comes RESIDENT EVIL PART II check it out

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