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4ever Clan

The Home of the 4ever Clan


Offical 4ever Clan Members

Splat4ever - active

Hawk JR 4ever - active

Krebs4ever - active

Betty4ever - passiv (bye bye)

Ina4ever - passiv (just in training)

Hof4ever - passiv (CU)

CS4ever - Passiv (CU)




Clan News:

WoW WoW 2 new Members in one Week

Welcome Mani and Wedge

there is an new 4ever Site on the Web :

soon Krebs will up a new Page and Wedge and I work on an Diablo Page

(cause I running out of Webspace for all the Diablo Stuff I have) 

We want U to Know at :

Diablo - Duke 3D - Quake -HeXen II - Quake II - Shadow Warrior

C & C , C & C II and Blood


close Friends to the Clan :

(also Links 2 there Homepages)

Void - Boo Ya - Bart42ever - Willow

Serina - ZimKlim - Rischke - AKenn - Kleine Goer

RatM AKA Cop - T4Cat - Gucki4ever - LuckyD

Der Netti - Doris Dream - Affi - Rugh Jack - ZerO

OJokeO - Maniac - Mikulus - Breaker 3D - Joe - Lea

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