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Splatter Movies

Splatter at the Movies


This is the No.1 Splatter Movie of all Times called Braindead

I never see so much Blood again in 1 Movie

the Site is hold by : Clan Braindead (Quake Clan)  check it out

and take a look at : Braindead


Yes there is no other Film like Brainddead but this1 is very close to it

From Dusk till Dawn check it out a Film with Tarantino

The First half of the Film is like Natural Bornkillers and the second

is DA BOMB its Horror, Blood, Vampire everything !!!


The Classic of Horror Hellraiser with Pinhead

that Film shocked me it was the First Horror Film I ever see

now the work on the 5th Part check it out at :

Gentelman this Guy have PAIN !


You all know the Gamez, most of U see the first Movie :

But now it happend again :

Once again a couple of Fighters meet for


In Cinema at November !!!


Horror , Blood & SFi ???

Yes some thing is Still alive and it is comming for U



Hint :

Did U know that Horror Movies with much Blood

are named "Splatter - Movies" ? Thats where my

Name is from and not from any XXX !

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