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Diablo Zone

Skull Diablo Skull

Diablo is a Action Rollplaying Game made and Copyright by Blizzard

Klick here 2 show the Hints

The Untold Story - The Magix of Diablo - The Weapons of Diablo


Rollplaying in Splatter Style ?

Yeah it´s there Diablo and soon Diablo 2

check out the link for a shareware Version and for more Information


You have Diablo already and want want to say something ?

Searching for Multiplayer Matches ?

go here :


Here is a List of the greatest Hero Slayers I know on the Battlenet

If U are in Internet Game with these Persons and U don´t

want an Death Match make Sure 2 Disconect at once :

Name - Charakter -  Player Killz Min.

Insameclown - Sorcerer - 431

Blakmagik - Sorcerer - 390

Earncklace - Warrior - 369

Wickedclown - Warrior - 213

Osiria - Rouge - 200

There is an ofical Ad-on for Diablo from Sierra Software

There is no Shareware Version of the Ad-on but if U want 2 know

more about it just got to :

I´m sorry but the Ad-on is only for SINGLE-GAME

here R somethings that R in the ad-on

1. A new Hero-Class the Monk

2. U can Chose Normal, Nightmare and Hell Skill also in Single Player

3. 2 new Grafixsets with a total 8 new Levels

4. ca. 30 new Monsters

5. new Unique Items

6. lots of new other Stuff

I don´t like cheating in Multiplayergames, so if U looking for

some Ad-ons like Townkill etc. U R wrong here and better go

to another Place and never return here !


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