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You want to Design Your own Homepage ? Never did it before ? No Problem

with  AOL PRESS (Windows 3.X or higher) !!!

Need a new Browser ??? no Prob its for free !!! 

Netzcape Communicator (Windows 3.1 or Higher)

Internet Explorer Suite (Windows 95)

Phone via Internet ? need Software ? here it´s for free !!! 

Netmeeting 2.0 (Windows 95)

Freetel ( Windows 3.X or higher )

Multimedia, Videos and so on ??? No Prob with :


(2 use with Windows/MAC and Netscape/ Internetexplorer)

MacZilla http:// for MAC and Netscape

Live 3D for Windows / MAC and Netscape

Shockwave and Shockwave Flash

For Windows / MAC and Netscape / Internetexplorer

U want a free personal e-mail Adress with the Name of Your Choice ?

no Prob at htttp://

U want to send and resive Instant Messages on the Internet  with a name of Your Choice ?

Just use the Instant Messager from the Special Section at :

Do U have an 3Dfx Card ? need the newest Drivers and Patches 4 your Games ? 

simple go here

Need 2 pack Zip Files or Unpack it ? just go 2

Want 2 have your own Guestbook for Your Homepage ? no Prob go for it

at :

Want 2 disign your own Quake Levels ? Use this one it kicks Asses

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