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You Search for a Site ? You Search for a File on an FTP ? You Search for an Quake Ad-on ? You Search for an Web Company Name ?

Well, Ok I don´t know every Site or every File but I know some1 who does and I know how 2 find out

Use this1 if U serach for a Website

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Search for: Number to find:

Use this 1 If U Search for a file on an FTP

Filez Filez - #1 File Search Engine With Over 75 million Filez!
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If U Search for anything like : Quake Ad-ons,Toolz,Map Creator,etc or Anything that have an Quake

Engine like Hexen II, Unreal this is the Best Searcher 

Search the Slipgate Central Quake web site directory:

Find any web address!
Enter the first part of a web address or company name to find a url:

Don´t know where U can find Something ? try here

Lycos: Your Personal Internet Guide

You know the Name of a file but don´t know the FTP ? try here

You know only a Part of the Web URL You Searching for ?

try here :

U R a Game Freak and Search for Quake Ad-ons and Quake Engine Games ?

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