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Hexen II Zone

HeXeN II Zone

HeXen II is a "Quake Engine" Game made and copyright by Raven Software

and a Mix of 3D Shooter and Rollplaying. The Quake Engine first use at Quake is

made and copyright by ID SoftwareHexen II is published by Activision .

Klick down here 2 show the Cheats or Download the Walkthrough

5 Hub Demo Walthrough - HeXen II Cheats - HeXen II Shareware Version

Want to Talk about Hexen II , need clues or have something to say ?

go here


(I delete a link here cause on that Forum Link I delete the

Messageboard is censored and so useless)


Do U rember the Orignal Hexen ?

Yes U R right the Grafix wasn´t good until now !!!!

a cool Crew of Prgrammers work on an TC of Quake and bring the

orginal Hexen Levels to the Quake Engine check it out at :

Beta Version now for Download

And the best is the add an X-tra "Much Blood" Option

for sick People like me

Last News : The Full DM only Version should B out at End of

March ! There will B an Quake 2 Version of the TC

with Singleplayer Game


Hint :

Did U know that the HeXen II Groups call themself  "GUILDS"

instead of "CLANS" like Quake Groups ?

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