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Quake & Quake II were made and Copyright by ID Software

Quake & Quake II are published by Activision

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Quake TCs

The Most Unusal Quake Ad-ons I Ever see :

also look on my HeXen II Site for a very cool Quake Ad-on

Quake Ralley an Quake Chees

Play Chees in the Quake Engine with the Quake Monsters

Drive Ralley and Battle each others in the Quake Engine

Both TC´s done by the Impact Development Team

download it at :

Quake Great Giana Sisters

Do U remember the good old Jump & Run Giana Sisters ?

Play it with Quake Style !!!!

Download it at :

Done by : BioProbe Design

UPS I´m sorry but this TC seems 2 be foxed !!!

will B replaced soon

I´m sorry but a big WARNING here for all X-Men Fans

don´t go for the X-Men TC for Quake

You don´t play with the X-Men The X-Men replace only the Monsters !!!

Need A non Promiss Quake Serach Maschine ?

use Slipgate the Quake Searcher !!!!

at :

Want to Talk about Quake ? Have any Questions ?

Use one of this in my eyes best Quake Forums or

or visit :

Here is are 2 links If U want 2 B up 2 date and

If U visitid this 2 Pages U know always what there is 2 know about Quake

want 2 disign your own Quake Levels ? use this

it´s a dammed good Level Editor

for News about Editing visit here

Quake Workshop

Quake Editing News

The Levelab

Wolfen´s Lair

At this time the only Quake II link I know is

(of course every Quake Forum is also Quake II)

There is a Forum an also the Download Locations for the Shareware Version

There R Still some Quake Engine Games 2 come :

HeXeN II   still out by Raven very cool but of course U know it

Daikatana by Eidos / Ion Storm Spring 1998 it´s the new Project from John Romero

(If U don´t know  John Romero go and play Lemmings or Tetris it´s the Mastemind who makes Quake)

Half Life by CUC / Valve  Spring 1998 looks real Great and maybe a Killer Title

SIN Activision / Ritual Entertainment Spring 1998 very intressting the Members of Ritual shows in the Past

under the Name Hipnotic that they know how to Handle the Quake Engine with the Mission Pack

Scourge of Armagon I think this Game will kick Ass

Duke Nukem 4ever  3D Realms  Mid 1998 what will happens if The Duke Level Style and the Quake II Engine

meet each other this Game can´t go worng

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