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The Force

"Feel the Force Around you" Yoda Jedi Master

Ok I know what U think and U R right Starwars have realy nothing 2 do with Splatter or

Splatter Gamez but I think there R some real Great Starwars Gamez out there and the

Movies R very Cool so I add them to my World

Ok all that have somethink 2 do with Starwars is a Trademark and/or Copyright by Lucas Arts

I Special like to mention 4 Starwars Games here in my Eyes the Best Starwars Games :

Dark Forces

Yes I like it very much and If U want 2 know more about Dark Forces I know a cool Place the Dark Forces Homepage and U can Download the

Shareware Version of Darkforces it´s cool

Hint :

1. Yes it´s old but did U know that Dark Forces was the first 3D Shooter where U can look up and down ?

2. Did U know that Admiral Thwarn from the Twarn Triology

(the Books with play in the Time after "Return of the Jedi") is in that Game ?

3. Did U know that "Outlaws" a 3D Wild West Shooter from Lucas Arts use the Dark Forces Engine ?

Jedi Knight aka Dark Forces II


Yes this is da Bomb the 1st 3D Shooter with the Light Saber

You can chose the Light Site or the Dark Site (my Site) and use the Force

just go 2 and download the Shareware Version

Hint :

Did U know that Lucas Arts made a offical Mission Disk for Dark Forces II and

the Story Line is that the Hero from the first Part chose the DARK SIDE ?

Rebel Asault II


This is kind of Interative Movie

You see well preformed Video Scenes and haveto play in this Scenes,

but the most Time You only have 2 shoot therefore You fly nearly

every Spaceship that is in Starwars :

First U fly an Y- Wing and have to fight against Ties

than there comes an Action Scene like the good old "Operation Wolf" or Blood Bath

after that U fly an Transport Ship like the Milenium from Hansolo

followed by an X-Wing Flight

than U were trained on an Little Tie

After all U fly an B - Wing

than (my favorite) You drive the legandary Speeder Bikes from Return of the Jedi

afte captured an Imperial Transport Ship you battle

your Way through an Star Destroyer an Caputred again

a Top secret new Stealth Tie Fighter

U can Download the Shareware from :

Hints :

1. Did U know that they take scences from the Orginal Film

and mix them with some new scenes ?

2. Did U know that there are much more movies in the game these

are normaly Total hidden ? klick here to find out

Shadows of the Empire aka SOTE

This1 is me favorite U have every Starwars Game here in 1 Game

Some Levels R Like X Wing vs Tie Fighter (also an Starwars Game from lucas Arts)

U fly an newer Version of an Milenium like Hans Solo and battle Star Destroyers

U fly an Snow Slider and battle AT-AT like the beginn of the 2nd Movie

U drive Speeder Bikes like Rebel Assault II (als an Star Wars Game)

U run through Levels like Jediknight and battle AT-ST and Boba Fett

U can download the Shareware Version from


1. Did U know that there is Ofical Book Shodows of the Empire wich plays between

Starwars 2 : The Empire Strikes back and Starwars 3 : Return of the Jedi ?

2. Did U know that in the Book Lando Carissian destroys the Palce of the Black Sun ?

3. Did U know that in the Book Darth Vader destroys the Space Station from the Black Sun ?

You want 2 become a real Jedi ? U need 2 go 2 the Jedi Accademy

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