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Last update:24.02.1997

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Hi welcome to my World the World of Splatter & Pain

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This also will be the new Home of Splat4ever and the 4ever Clan


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Site of da Force

(includes some real Hot Infos and alot of Cheats)

Toolz Quake Zone

ToolZ 4 free                Quake Page

Resident Evil Zone

(include some Save Games)

Hexen II Zone

(includes Demo Walkthrough of the 5th Chapter)

MuzaX Zone

other Splatter Gamez  Real Splatter

other Splatter Gamez     Real Life Splatter Sitez

3D Shooter

(includes nearly every 3D Shooter Shareware Download)

Diablo Zone

(includes some Hints)

Search the Web

(includes http and ftp Search)

Splatter Movies  4ever Clan

Splatter Movies            (try to beat us)


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StarsMail SplatterStars


User of the Darkside of the Force

and Beliver of the Sinth


I Like to thank these Persons for all that they done for me