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Hellfire is the only offical Add-on for Diablo made and copyright by Sierra

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Genreal Stuff

Hellfire is a Diablo Mission Pack

At the first look it offers 1 new Charackter 2 new Grafik Sets for Single Player only,

and some new Items, Spells and Quests.

But its much more than that check out the Hints Section for Details.

Patch to Version 1.1 is out check Deatails at the Files Section



Hellfire 1.1 offers 3 new Charcters

and 2 more hidden Quests !

Simply make a File in your Hellfire Dir nammend command.txt

and insert :"multitest;cowquest;theoquest;nestart;cryptart;bardtest;barbariantest;",

and you need the Hellfire Multiplayer Fix

or simply Download the file from the Files Section,

and U have 2 more Charckerts and Quests and Multiplayer !


There is also an Way to play Hellfire via Internet !

It´s simple with KALI

Kali is a Software wich simply makes an "Virtual" IPX Card and used your TC/IP for it

for Details go to :


A very usefull and also simply Hint is :

If you find the Bovine Plate or Armor of Gloom :

DO NOT ident. these Items just use them !!!


New Quests  : HTML Format -  TXT Format

New Heros : HTML Format - TXT Format

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New Items. HTML Format - TXT Format

New NPCs: HTML Format - TXT Format