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Clan History - Clan Members- Close 2 the Clan -Friends of the Clan

K Here is the History of the 4ever Clan:

The Clan was founded start of 1997 by Splat4ever joined by Krebs4ever after some weeks Hawkj4ever and  Betty4ever joined.

at middle 1997 Hofbrau und CDManza joined the Clan.

some weeks later Betty quits Internet and the Clan (CU when U get there)

End 1997 Ina4ever & Seri4ever joined. Short Times later Hof and CDManza destroy there 4ever Mail Adresses and so Quit to the Clan I think (stillclose Friends)

at 2/98 Wedge4ever & Mani4ver joined.

at 5/98 The Bad Boy returns Hof4ever returns, he  is again a fullMember of the 4ever Clan ! We R proud 2 have him back

at 6/98 The lovely Lady behind Hof returns to Action CS4ever is againhere

at 1/99 The Big SH*T happens, big Crash some R offline some R fired. The First is the last and the one and only 4ever. Splat4ever is last 4ever :-(  !

at 4/99 Otti joines the Clan and 2gether we will make it a powerfull Force again :-) !!!

2 B a 4ever Clan Memeber is not Easy, don´t ask us 2 become a Member it doesn´t work . We ask U if we think you R ready 4 it

Here is the Memberlist :

Splat4ever, Otti4ever,

Here is a List of people wich R very close 2the Clan but NOT in the Clan:

Akenn, Gehe2U, It´s Bart, Maniac, M Joe, Rischke1, VOiD, Willow,Xanadu

Here is the List of Real Friends of the Clan(aka the greetings List) :

Note: OF Course greets to all Buddies listing above !

Affi,  AWagens, Basme, Booya, Breaker 3D, Charity,Clubsessel, Cop, DBecki ,Doris Dream, Duddle, Hund, Jones, Gucki, Laurie, Lea03, Liebe Hexe,Jungfrau,Joke, KleineGoer, Laurie, LuckyD123, Manne, MCA, Mikulus, Myxin, Netcafe 1 - X (whoeverit is ;-)), Netti, NikolaUSA, Omichris, OSch,  Promi, Psy, Rugh Jack, Roven 1st, Slater, Sonfafm, Sunset, Sweet Lea, T4Cat, The Drow,  Vdettmarin, Vinni, WinniePoo, Zero, Zim Klim

If I forgot some1 shame on me please E-Mail me and I will fix it !!!![an error occurred while processing this directive]