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Diablo Like Section


Do you think Diablo is the only Game of  its Kind ?

Well it´s unic of course but some Games try to be the same kind !


For Example : Blood Omen : The Legacy of Keen

The Hero will be killed at the beginnig and came back as an Vampire !

It´s Singleplayer only and only one Charckter but you can morgh into a Wolf or other

The Gameplay is ok and the Grafix is Standart and yes it makes Fun ! You  Quest is

to revenge your death and save the Land (really new Idea :-) )

Points 6/10

made & Copyright by :

Check File Section for the Shareware Version


An other one : Ultima VIII :Pagan

An Real RPG with some Diablo Action Elements. The Grafix is not up to date

but thats OK the game is 1994 Date ! It´s an cool Low buget Game

made & copyright by  Orgin / ECA