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The Down in Hell Team :

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Special greets to:

all other Members of the 4ever Clan:

Ina4ever, Serina4ever, Mani4ever


all close Friends 2 the Clan :

VOiD, Zero, Rischke, T4Cat,Cop,Lea,AK,

Gucki, ZimKlim, Hofbrau, CDManza, Charity,

AWagens, Promi, The Drow, Willow, Bart,

Laurie , Kleine Goer,.


Personal Greetings

Splat4ever :

Maniac, Joke, Slater, Netti, Dorisdream,

Leia03, LuckyD, Numsi, Neith, Herbi

ERC , Butcher, ....


Wedge4ever :