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Some Stuff that U will surly need on your Harddisk:

For Stuff about Homepages like Guestboooks etc. look in the HTML Guide

For Stuff about Diablo look at Down in Hell

For Stuff about other Games look at Splatterworld

Winzip an Cool Packer for Windows 16 & 32 bit located at :

its a must Download

Netzcape Communicator (Windows 3.1 or Higher) The No.1 Browser

Phone via Internet ? need Software ? here it´s for free !!!

Netmeeting 2.0 (Windows 95)

Freetel ( Windows 3.X or higher )

Multimedia, Videos and so on ??? No Prob with :


(2 use with Windows/MAC and Netscape/ Internetexplorer)

MacZilla http:// for MAC and Netscape

Live 3D for Windows / MAC and Netscape

Shockwave and Shockwave Flash

For Windows / MAC and Netscape / Internetexplorer

U want to send and resive Instant Messages on the Internet with a name of Your Choice ?

Just use the Instant Messager from the Special Section at :

Here is another allrounded Chat Interface : ICQ it´s cool , is hot it´s free

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