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thanx to the Folk at who made this possible

22.0619.98 posted by Splatter
"Was haben wir gelacht, 3 Eimer voll und keiner wollt´se raustragen".

Big Shit happens last week here some Freak hacked and suddenly all Memberpages became XXX Sites !

But noiw everything is normal and it won´t happen again (I hope)

I also post some Nice "How 2 save Money" Stuff on the Messageboard

29.051998 posted by Splatter
Out of the Dark HE IS BACK !!!!


Welcome back in Action Buddy

I also updated some stuff on the HTML Site !!! I would say if you have a Homepage and you want it 2 make a better place look at it !!! Alot of Stuff is hidden there, and everything is 4 phree ! Stuff thats not on every Page like URL Forwarder, Message Boards !!! Go get it !!! All I ask 4 is : If U find something U like here and U have a Homepage please link this site !!!

Every Day people ask me how 2 make a Homepage, how 2 get a Guestbook and so on ! RTFM look at the HTML Page there4 I made it and if U don´t find the Answer U R looking 4 ask me !!! But RTFM first !!!!

I also ad an simple Banner (will be replaced soon) If U want 2 link us use the this Code  copy & Paste it into your Site :

<center><A HREF="index.html" TARGET="_top"><IMG SRC="" WIDTH="400" HEIGHT="50" ALT="The World of  the 4ever Clan"></A></center>

28.05.1998 posted by Splatter
Hi Friends I add some stuff on this Site. I add an pre pre alpha Version (Void :-)) of  the new Splatterworld..I also add some greets on the Clan Page and Links on the Friends Page If something missing please write me an E-Mail above
I also add an Guestbook and I hope that all of U write in it ! It might be helpfull 2 write in it if U want your links on the Friends Page covert from being deleted.

I also add an Forum  for News about BNH ! If U don´t know what I´m talking about don´t use it !!! I hope that AOL meetings will post there and the new Screennames of People that change the Names often ( I don´t know why they do it :-))

25.05.1998  by Splatter
Hi an welcome to the new and (I hope Final) Home of the 4ever Clan,

All the 4ever Pages and Stuff will be locate here after a short Time,

right now this Page is heavy under Construction. If U have something 2

say about this feel free 2 e-Mail me above.

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